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White Fused Alumina for Refractories
1. White corundum powder is widely used in steel, cement, ceramics, petroleum and other industries.
2. It is an ideal raw material for making large-scale ladle castables, medium and high-grade iron trough castables, gunning materials, preforms and other unshaped refractory materials.
3. It is also the main raw material for various corundum products such as corundum bricks, corundum and mullite corundum saggers, corundum porous plugs for refining, integral spray guns and composite nozzles, and high-temperature industrial furnace lining materials.

Fused Dense Corundum
The fused dense corundum is one of the first-choice raw materials for the production of high-performance unshaped and shaped refractory materials.
1. It's widely used in industries such as steel, cement, ceramics, petrochemicals, etc.
2. It's main raw materials for making blast furnace iron trough castables, ladle castables, ramming materials, preforms and other unshaped refractory materials.
3. It's an ideal raw materials for various shaped products such as three continuous casting pieces, aire bricks, nozzle block bricks, etc.
4. It's also an excellent material for making steel-making long nozzles, skateboards and various corundum bricks.

Fused Alumina Magnesia Spinel
1. It's widely used to iron & steel, cement and industrial kilns industries, etc.
2. It's mainly used to produce high grade alumina-magnesia brick, high performance alumina-magnesia castables, sliding nozzle, ladle brick, top brick for open hearth furnace etc.
3. It's a ideal material to replace magnesia-chrome refractories. In addition, it is used in refractory products, prefabricated parts, and unshaped refractory materials.

Calcined Alumina (RA) Series for Refractory Materials

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