Calcined Alumina RA1G Refractory Materials

Calcined Alumina RA1G Refractory Materials

The ceramics almina RA1G is one type of refractory raw material. It has many good features which can be fully grinding. Also the RA1G has low soduim, small primary crystal size. It also has good particle size distribution and high activity. Which can meet requirements of different customers. Below some chemical details of RA1G for refer:

Chemical Compostion:

Al2O3: 99.5%

SiO2: 0.15%

Fe2O3: 0.04%

Na2O: 0.08%

LOI: 0.1%

Apparent density: 0.7 g/cm3

Grain size D50: 1.5-2.2 μm

+325mesh < 0.5%

Original Crystal D50: ~ 1.0 μm


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